Bmw K75s K75 Motorcycle Engine 1987, For Spares, Parts Or Repair, Manchester

It is not a new engine, it is not really a working engine but I rode it home before removing it from the bike last year.  Maybe it’d be good for parts, maybe it’d be good for someone who is studying motor mechanics and needs one to take apart.  I was keeping it for spares myself, just in case, but the space in the kitchen where it has been hiding is now required for a tumble drier, and I need to sell it.It is just the engine as shown in most of the photos, it doesn’t include any of these that would have been attached to it: clutch, gearbox, throttles, exhaust, injectors.  It has been kept inside (in the kitchen), wrapped in thick sheet plastic film and stood on a wad of cardboard from the day the photos of the loose engine were taken.If it has spark plugs in there, I doubt they’re any good.  It did have a new oil and water pump in the past few years, and a used hall sensor.   Looking at the photos now I think I must have had to saw some of the exhaust ports studs off.You should pay by cash, to avoid paypal fees.  Collection would be by prior arrangement one evening or weekend.  I am 3 miles south of Manchester city centre and easy to find.  It would take 2 (me and you) to carry the engine from my kitchen to your car/van.  If you are nearby (Manchester, Altrincham or Stockport) and want it delivering (for a fee), ask about that before bidding.Ask me questions, don’t make assumptions.

Current Price: £50.00

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