Bmw R80 R100 Gearbox Spares Or Repairs

Spares or Repairs – Jumps out of 1st Gear around 4-5000 rpm and Output flange damaged

This came from my running 50k m 1988 BMW R80 Monolever and fits most R series models; non-kick start – It is up to the buyer to check on this

It has had new bearings and a replacement selector box ( new springs as well) but still jumped out of 1st gear. I suspect the 1st gear dog has worn but after taking apart the box a number of times I decided on getting a working second hand unit from Motorworks.

In the process of taking the cover off I damaged the Output Flange ( always use the right tool!) and so the box is not suitable as an exchange unit and is sold here as Spares or Repairs.

It was oil tight as I put new seals in and the damage to the flange did not show as the rubber boot still was able to clamp over it.

All other gears select and apart from 1st it works okay

These are getting more rare as the years progress so must be worth something to someone.

I won’t post as I always lose money on postage and it is a fair old weight – happy to hand over to a courier that the buyer will have to arrange.

Any questions let me know

Current Price: £70.00

This Bmw R80 R100 Gearbox Spares Or Repairs is located in Sheffield, s8 7ug and is being sold on eBay by ohhhh!.