1981 Honda Cx500 Spares Or Repair

      July 1981 Honda CX500

I bought this bike on
22.02.09 as a working rolling project. It last passed its last MOT in 2010  and hasn’t been ridden since. It’s been stored inside, but reflects a bike of
its age. A neighbour who knew I had the bike wanted to buy it. I decided
not to sell, but rather operate a ‘bike share’, as he wanted to run this bike
on Vintage Motorcycle Club runs, where the 25 year old rule applies. He is a regular bike rider and has two other bikes. I’m not a regular rider/enthusiast. We decided to try and get it through its MOT.  A substantial amount of time
and money, circa £350 has been spent over the past six weeks to getting the bike roadworthy. It doesn’t have an MOT

Most of the faults have been fixed, but since we
both have ‘too many toys’ we’ve decided to concentrate on other projects,
having  run out of time. 

The fuel tank has been
replaced and has been re sprayed which is presentable, but doesn’t have the
original Honda colour/ decals. The frame has been re-painted and the links have been
replaced. The frame has no rust. It has a rear carrier and engine frame bars (not fitted and rusty).
As the pictures show it’s very presentable, for a bike of this age.

The speedo shows 21,000
but it was replaced before my time I believe the mileage is nearer 45000.
There is past MOT evidence to support this. I don’t guarantee the mileage, but
you can make your own judgement from the MOT’s that I have. There is plenty of
past documentation with regard to the bikes service history.
This bike is complete and starts first time,
every time. New exhausts and
silencers and collector box fitted when it was
laid up. These need to be sealed properly.  A new seat has been fitted.
New battery. New solenoid. Replaced starter
motor. Stator checked and charging. Replaced R/H switch gear.
All lights and electrics now fully working.
Carbs serviced with new jets, needles, float
valves, air seal valves and
in-line fuel filter. No leaks. 

Excellent tyres.
Shaft drive is in perfect working condition. ‘Haynes’ manual.
Brakes serviced with new pistons and seals in
both calipers, might need some bleeding. The front forks need attention. I think they’ve ‘collapsed’. The speedo doesn’t work.
The bike will not run over 5000 rpm, but the
alternator and pulser coils check out OK.
I think the offside cylinder head gasket has
blown, as the water level in
the overflow tank is erratic. I can see no other
reason for this, although an expert opinion is needed.The engine and front forks need looking
at. It needs a new number plate.
If you’re good with spanners, and know what
you’re doing then this bike is a bargain. 
It’s all there. No major item to buy. Sort out
the mechanical bits and it
will sail through an MOT.
Once sorted, these bikes will run forever. That was my intention. Its a very reluctant sale having completed so much work on it. 

The bike has a low reserve
to reflect the recent money I’ve spent on it. I’ve advertised it as spares or
repair, but realistically I believe this CX can be ridden very soon by someone
other than me who is willing to invest time in finally ‘sorting it’ to get it
through an MOT. It can be ridden at present, but is currently SORN. I wouldn’t advise driving it any distance. Since I
have a van, with help, I could deliver it by negotiation, at cost. Check with me before you buy, as I’m very busy. Please don’t string me along, be realistic. I appreciate honesty.

I’m away on business during the week, so viewing may be difficult, so please be patient with replies as I’m often out of contact.

Payment is cash on pickup
within 48 hours of buying. Please don’t bid if you can’t fulfil this

Current Price: £290.00

This 1981 Honda Cx500 Spares Or Repair is located in Warrington, WA4 2SH and is being sold on eBay by dixon564.