Honda 50 Speedometer Nippon Seiki – Spares / Repair

Nippon Seiki speedo for Honda 50 moped / Monkey Bike.The good news is that the speedo works just fine. The bad news, as you’ll gather from one of the photos, is that some of the 1/10th mile counter ring appears to have melted some time in the past. I’m not sure how this happened, but the counter ring still rotates freely.I bought this speedo with the aim of replacing / removing the defective counter ring, but I found another speedo for my Z50, so never got around to it. However, as you’ll see from the photos, I did begin the process of taking it apart by way of gently prising open the chrome bezel. I didn’t get any further with this and left the speedo unopened. I’m sure there are many parts in this speedo which might be useful to somebody else out there?

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