Honda Cb250rs Motorcycle Project Spare Or Repair With V5.

Honda cb250rs motorcycle Project Spare Or Repair.

So got this little Honda in August 2010 form Scott on auto jumble. It was a non runner no compression knowing I had a good xl250 engine in the back of the shed I thought I would swap the engines as there are nearly the same. Then I would have a little run about.

I swapped the engine and got it started. Just had to finish it of and all would be good. But then my second child came along and the like bike got put in a shred at the bottom of the field where it stayed.

I pulled it out last week and she is a little worse for ware

The back well is locked up solid though it was the chain so cut it off but no it is solid.

The engine does turn over. And lights come on when I stick a battery on it.

I had a look in the shed and found the original engine in a box and the side panels

I have the v5 as well

This is collection only item.

Thank you for looking.

Current Price: £300.00

This Honda Cb250rs Motorcycle Project Spare Or Repair With V5. is located in Stockton-on-Tees, Ts16*** and is being sold on eBay by marks-trials-parts.