Honda Cbr 600 F2 – ‘93 Spares Or Repair

Welcome to this auction for my beloved CBR600.

Very sad to see her go, but I am not getting around to my planned restoration.

She was a good runner up to the point I took her off the road. A cracked exhaust header (just by the engine block) meant an MOT fail, and it was my intention to replace the header unit with stainless and put her back on the road.

Unfortunately this was around 4 years ago, and by now the tyres have hardened, all bearings are gummed up and – chances are – the carbs are full of sticky fuel residue.

I always thought these bikes would become future classics, but for this old girl, that seems not to be the case.

She is a California spec bike with EVAP and PAIR systems (which I had intended to remove for UK use) and a “softer” ECU. Apparently she was imported to Europe by UK army staff and then sold in UK to me.

In their day these bikes won every road test, hands down. Fastest, best handling, best fuel economy, most comfortable, most reliable. They could take a novice rider and bring them up to intermediate / fast within a season, mainly due to sharp but forgiving handling, smooth power delivery and a slightly undersized rear tyre, meaning the front was never in danger of washing out.

Restored she would be a great first “big bike” before you shell out on whatever wins the group tests, these days.

Broken, she could keep a race bike on the track for a while.

Bad points – she had a front end crash once. Not hard enough to damage the frame, but the nose cone is after market and the nose sub frame / headlight frame is a replacement.

Various scuffs and scrapes on the body work as might be expected on a 25 year old bike.

I will be able to answer questions from June 6th. Will do my best to answer any questions then.

Collection only, from Barnes, London SW13.

Current Price: £0.99

This Honda Cbr 600 F2 – ‘93 Spares Or Repair is located in London, SW139ee and is being sold on eBay by mat_stoker.