Honda Cbr600f3 Spares Or Repair

1998 Honda CBR600F3PLEASE READI purchased this bike as a lock down project it had been stood since 2010, 3 previous owners and has very low mileage 15,000 miles (clock shows km so grey import). I got it running well after cleaning carbs and fitting new fuel tap and pump, so carried on to complete it fitting replacement down pipes with Micron exhaust, new chain / sprockets, battery, new fork seals, brakes refurbished, tyres replaced not brand new but very good. Having spent many hours completing the work and giving it a good clean up it looks great. Unfortunately after first test ride noticed water coming from the expansion tank and it now won’t start so suspect head gasket has gone. Probably a simple fix for someone with the right knowledge, I have now lost interest and can’t be bothered to repair. I have set price lower than I know it would bring if broken for parts to see if it will sell, or if enough interest is shown I would reluctantly break the bike.Message with any interest or requiring more details.

Current Price: £1000.00

This Honda Cbr600f3 Spares Or Repair is located in Bradford, BD11 *** and is being sold on eBay by spottydog110.