Honda Fes 125 2004 Spares Or Repair

I have had this bike since July 2019. I had it after someone had tried to steal it from the previous owner. They damaged the ignition lock and broke the fairing at the front of the bike.

I bought the bike with the intention of stripping it all down cleaning it all up, replacing anything that needed, and getting it back on the road, but all I have managed to do is take off all the bodywork and have realised I won’t get this done and it is just in the way.

The bike was on the road and running fine when it was damaged.

Some of the panels have scratches and minor damage and the large fairing at the front is broken and has a part missing. The nearside front indicator is also no not present. I am unsure if all the fixing bolts are present but most of them I had screwed back into their location once removed the panels.

The bike started and run great when I first had it and I drained out the fuel as I knew it would be a while before it started again.

The engine is not seized and it had a new transmission variator just before i had it.

The bike free wheels ok and the brakes seem ok.

This bike has sat in my back garden with all of the panel work off off and covered in a tarpaulin for the last couple of years. It was a running road bike when I had it but because it has sat and not started for a while I cannot give any specifics to the faults it might have now. I have, and will be as honest as possible about it but for this reason I am selling it for spares or repair.

This scooter is advertised for sale elsewhere so it’s possible it will sell elsewhere in which case if there is no bids on this listing I will withdraw it from sale.

If you need any more information or pictures please ask.

Current Price: £250.00

This Honda Fes 125 2004 Spares Or Repair is located in Gillingham, ME8 *** and is being sold on eBay by vfrjonnboys.