Honda Pc 800 – 1991 – Pacific Coast – Spares Or Repairs

Honda PC 800 for sale as spares or repairs the bike starts and run, has an MOT until 01/11/2020 and taxed until October….Bad bits are mainly : The Exhaust has a hole in the box (muffler) at the back, I had a problem in the past with the pipes and they have been replaced or welded up so they are okay, but now the box has started leaking and it is loud as hell, a solution for somebody who has more time and skills than me could be just replace the box with a standard muffler 2 into 1 off one side .. I have seen it on other PC .. the original box is very difficult to find and probably very expensive.Fork seals need to be replaced, The horn needs to be rewired, the Speedo clock stopped working about 3 years ago, I replaced the mechanism at the wheel .. worked for a bit .. then went again, I never been bother to investigate anymore, I didn’t really use this bike at all .. probably just 6/7 times per year to go down to local Costco .. therefore the mileage showing is 52483 but its definitely more than that .. probably not much .. maybe just 1k or 1.2k been exaggerated  .. honestly .. this bike was supposed to be a project for me to spend time on it .. I even got some spare plastics .. planned to respray it .. never got around fitting them unfortunately .. Right wing mirror/ indicator .. its just holding there, it won’t fall even at speed .. but you can see is not the way it supposed to be … if nobody knock it off .. it won’t fall off on his own, but definitely needs attention .. that mirror must have got knocked off at some point of his long life .. I found a guy .. I think is Russian .. which is an Engineer and also PC800 enthusiast, he remakes a lot of part for the PC800 with a 3D printer .. I bought some part of the wing mirror off him .. took it off .. tried to fix it properly .. I couldn’t ..if you are interested to these parts from Russia have a look at his website he does a variety of components another very very good website where you could find a ton of informations and 100s of links to buy spares it’s Douglas Website : ) Anyway .. let me carrying on with the list of problems, plastics in general are very tatty .. the front mudguard I have it and is complete but some brackets are snapped off (composed by 3 parts) and you can make it works with cable tie, my original idea was, I found another set in black and I was going to make one out of 2 .. still … had no time at all .. the reason I took it off entirely its because, apparently, if you have a mudguard not fitted properly could be an MOT failure, but if you don’t have it all, it is not a problem .. therefore mine one was always a bit loose, so for MOT purpose last year I took it off and never put that back on .. (looks way better though with the mudguard on!) The rider seat is in terrible condition needs to be recovered and the passenger seat is not damage but not in great condition either the previous owner for  some strange reason decided that he want it to put a fatter tyre at the back .. and because there was not enough space (width) .. he choose to cut 2 pieces of plastic from both side of the wheel in the trunk ! see pictures !! I have replaced the previous owner’s fat tyre straight away when I bought the bike (about 5 years ago) but the holes are still there, I have also replaced the front tyre and it handled way better than the original set up .. the tyres are still in very good condition also because I must have done probably 2k/2.5k miles on it altogether I am selling this bike because I have nowhere to keep it, it was one of my dream bike when I was younger, and I thought with this project eventually I would have gone around fixing it … I just have to be realistic .. it won’t never happen for me .. I hope this could go to somebody who could use it as a spares for another PC800 or maybe fix it and enjoy riding it again they are lovely bikes to ride Please feel free to come and have a look if you’re interested, and remember PLEASE  .. you bid to buy .. don’t come and waste my and your time here after you won the auction. I tried to give an honest description of the conditions of the bike, I wouldn’t suggest to ride the bike away, although it starts and run, it will be safer for you (and for your licence) to collect it with a Van 

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This Honda Pc 800 – 1991 – Pacific Coast – Spares Or Repairs is located in Watford, wd24*** and is being sold on eBay by max_fermento.