Kawasaki Gpz750r1 1982 Spares Or Repair Project

Hi. Here is your chance to buy a fairly rare bike. It is the 1982 gpz750r1 with the rear twin shocks. Only made for 1 year before they went to mono shock. I took the bike as payment for another bike but when going through the stuff there was alot missing (I WON’T GET CAUGHT LIKE THAT AGAIN). I have found the missing parts through e/bay but cost me about £250 in bits I was told were there. I have got the bike started and running and gears select ok but I have not ridden it on the road as I have no insurance. The bike should be tax and MOT exempt next Feb.  All the electrics work except the fuel gauge which is probably the sender. The paint was this colour when I bought it and could do with a respray though it is passable. Most of these were in red. The frame at some time was gold like the wheels but previous owner sprayed it black but not very well. I usually get the frames and wheels powder coated but money tight. The bike starts but can be tempermental from cold but once started it fires up easy. Starter or starter clutch sometimes makes an odd noise but I have put in another second hand primary shaft and sprag clutch so the one I took out will come with the bike.I AM ONLY SELLING AS SPARES OR REPAIR SO AS NO COMEBACK BUT YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME AND SEE THE BIKE BEFORE BIDDING. Would make a good project for someone into paint work.This is not a new bike but tidy for the year. I have seen tidy ones of these sell here for £2500 and one for £4500 really good.CASH ON COLLECTION ONLY AND PICK UP IN A VAN OR TRAILER AS NO MOT.To view tel Tom on 07948 338 992.FORGOT TO MENTION THAT THE EXHAUST NEEDS A LITTLE WORK AS I THINK IT IS THE WRONG ONE THAT I MADE FIT.

Current Price: £900.00

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