Kawasaki Zx10r Engine 2011 Spares Or Repair

Kawasaki ZX10R Engine 2011 Spares or Repair

10,600 miles before failure. New Clutch 2000 miles ago.

The engine was tuned when new including from what i can tell reworked ports, different cams Skimmed head and pocketed pistons.

Sadly it expired due to i believe a valve failure. The head is repairable i am told. The damage to cylinder1 is quite extensive obviously the piston is ruined and there is some material transfer and light damage to the cylinder wall.

Crank and rods should be ok.

The engine was turned off immediately and not run after.

Gearbox and all worked perfectly

Current Price: £400.00

This Kawasaki Zx10r Engine 2011 Spares Or Repair is located in Launceston, PL15*** and is being sold on eBay by scort3000.