Spares Repair Kawasaki Kz1000 Mk2 Race Cylinder Head Not Lawson Gpz1100 Project

Kawa kz1000 mk2 Race / drag race cylinder head -spares or repair. Big valve (40mm inlet) conversion  Twin plug conversionBathtub – later model gpz combustion chamber shape to suit later gpz1100 pistons not early gpz hemi b1/b2 pistons or Can Use high compression aftermarket pistons. Heavily ported – this head has had a serious amount of work done to it In a past life to suit the big valves. These are the largest valves it would be possible to fit in one of these heads. The inlet ports have been welded around the flanges to give more meat so that the ports can be the largest diameter possible.Valves included – these are very light for the size and are almost certainly titanium. One inlet valve has a slight mark /scallop on its outer edge but this doesn’t prevent it from sealing as most of the contact area for the seat is intact. Tacho drive blanked off with a little plug – use a tacho electronico.. The head originally came from kipkawaBad bits – The slight mark on the valve mentioned above.Have included spark plugs – some of the threaded bosses For the smaller dia plugs have unscrewed with the plugs and although they probably will go back in again if you screw in the plugs I would recommend having new ones made Since they are all shapes.No cam bearings or cam caps included you will need to find your own or use from a standard head -they are standard items. A number of the m6 threads have been tapped out to 1/4 unc (A smidgen larger diameter than m6) where they have stripped. Would recommend helicoiling or similar repair.I have used this head for a number of years and it makes very good power – it’s about as extreme a head as it’s possible to go without resorting to a vortex or billet head. I used it with opened out rubber inlets and Keihin cr35 carbs. Just needs a bit of a tidy up and some tlc. If you’ve ever ported a head even mildly then you will know how much work someone has put into this head.Good luck and happy bidding – UK only presently sorry.See other items too.David 

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