Zx9r 1998 B4 Spares Or Repair Parts

I recently bought this 97 b4 model zx9r, only 25k on the clock. After
i’ve done some miles it started to do a rattle, i took it to a
garage and they said it might be the bottom of the engine crank, there is no loss in power no smoke etc. When is going over 50mph and in low rews i can not hear that sound One of my friends checked the cam chain tensioner and is ok, and took the clutch cover off to see if there is any problems. The chain is a bit loose, but that is not the problem. I dont have the knowledge and the time to fix it so is up for sale.If you want a video with it pm.I will strip it down and sell parts, or hole lot if someone is interested.Message me with what parts you need.Many Thanks.

Current Price: £155.00

This Zx9r 1998 B4 Spares Or Repair Parts is located in Basingstoke, rg22 5ad and is being sold on eBay by stefacor_0.