Suzuki Gt250a Gearbox And Crank With Some Engine Parts. Spares/repair

Complete Suzuki GT250A Gearbox and some Usable Engine Parts.Sold as Not Working: Spares or Repair. I am selling a complete spare gearbox, crank, conrods and crank cases for a Suzuki GT250A. The rear of the crankcase where it covers the sprocket is broken but the piece is included and could be welded back. Also included are two barrels and pistons from another GT250A. One of the barrels is deeply scored and the other has a worn exhaust mounting ring. The gear change lever, crank side covers and cylinder head are not present.I bought this complete unit construction engine and gearbox two years ago to transfer the barrels, pistons and head to my bike – also a GT250A. I have since done this, so what you would be buying is the gearbox and crank as I bought it along with my engine’s old barrels, and pistons  One barrel has a fairly deep score mark in the cylinder wall from a misplaced piston ring – and this may possibly be too deep to re-bore (see photo). The other (left) barrel’s cylinder wall looks reasonable but its exhaust mounting ring thread will need re-cutting (see photos). The pistons removed from the bike were on + 0.5 as are the ones that are being sold here. Pistons look good but new rings and circlips will be needed.At that time I was told both engine and gearbox were fully working (I took this on trust) and indeed its original barrels and pistons were good when I put them on my bike so I suspect the gearbox has a fair chance of being OK also. Please be aware that barrels and pistons I am selling on this engine now may or may not be usable. Buyer is taking that chance. I have never touched the gearbox and I suspect that it will be in full working order, but I cannot be sure of that. Again it is the buyer’s risk. I’m trying to be ultra-honest here as I want people to know what they would be buying. This item is buyer collects only. 

Current Price: £80.00

This Suzuki Gt250a Gearbox And Crank With Some Engine Parts. Spares/repair is located in Eye, IP238DB and is being sold on eBay by pedagogue_biker9.