Suzuki Spares Or Repair

hi her you have my track day project  it is  a 1997 model  was put together for that reason, it has a good motor in it, and gear box seam fine though untested as I never got to use it, see it has a bit of a dent in the frame where a steering damper was and there is a large dent in the take the colour  is different from the v5 as I got the blue and white as a second hand kit , it has been stood for about two years  now and the carbs are playing up so they will need cleaning out so is currently a none runner  , the tyre are soft compound  so they will need changing if you intend to get it on the road ,   

Current Price: £250.00

This Suzuki Spares Or Repair is located in Lymington, SO419lj and is being sold on eBay by miki123grasstrack.