Suzuki Ts250m 1975 Engine For Spares Or Repair

SUZUKI TS250M 1975 ENGINE FOR SPARES OR REPAIR, all that is available is in the pictures, I do not have anything else.

This really doesnt look very appealing at all, it doesn’t  matter how the pictures are taken it will only have a limited interest. The engine came to me with other TS250 engines but all that I wanted was the barrel for a rare ‘A’ model and  ended up with masses of other associated model  parts that have all been auctioned off except for this engine.

The engine number is TS2503-89885 as seen in one of the pictures, which makes it a 1975 ‘M’ type, so it will have shared commonalities with others of the TS250 range and possibly the RL250 but quite limited. The barrel has a 71 mm bore complete  with some rust and the cylinder head is the dual plug type.

Recently I completely renovated an ‘A’ type engine that was in far worse appearance than this ‘M’ type and it is now running sweetly. The availability of parts for the ‘M’ type is very good and any required services are quite affordable. My ‘A’ type crank needed a complete rebuild, this included having the journals metal  sprayed and reground where the seals had worn, the costs were very reasonable.

You are more than welcome to come and take a look, I would!!!………I think I’ve been accurate on the engine’s assesment, I don’t want anyone to be in doubt.

I’ve posted at bids from £85, I’ve estimated that this it what it cost me having sold everything else……….all for one solitary barrel…!!!!!

CASH ON COLLECTION IF YOU ARE………….I might be able to send on a pallet but this would be entirely up to yourself to arrange and to pay the cost.

Thank you for your patience  and for looking.

Current Price: £85.00

This Suzuki Ts250m 1975 Engine For Spares Or Repair is located in Chichester, PO20 *** and is being sold on eBay by witteringsbarn.