2007 Yamaha Fz1 (1000cc) Engine For Project, Spares Or Repairs.

This engine was in my beloved FZ1 Fazer (with 18000 miles on the clock) until the chain
snapped and went through the engine casing.

Being an engineer I fixed the hole with Devcon aluminium
epoxy which worked perfectly.

The engine ran and revved as before but unfortunately I noticed a tiny ticking noise from the engine somewhere.

I took it to a engine specialist and spent £1700 having the engine removed, crank
and gearbox removed and checked for damage, the main drive shaft and bearings were
replaced and clutch basket was replaced with original Yamaha parts but sadly when it was put back
together it still had the ticking noise. The original clutch basket and main drive bearing (pictured) are also going with this engine. 

The electrical generator and 3 exhaust studs are missing as
they were transferred over to the replacement engine that I fitted, there is
are scuff marks on the generator case and a little bit of paint has peeled off
the cam cover.

Current Price: £120.00

This 2007 Yamaha Fz1 (1000cc) Engine For Project, Spares Or Repairs. is located in Westerham, TN163UQ and is being sold on eBay by woolven3884.