Yamaha Dt175 1g1 Seat – For Spares / Repair

Yamaha DT175 1G1 Seat – For Spares / Repair. Condition is “For parts or not working”. The seat base is corroded and partially split across where steel rule sits in photo 2, there are some small corrosion holes in the base & is probably most use as a template to fabricate a new base or if you are good with a MIG you could repair the base and have it recovered. I haven’t had the cover off so I can’t comment on the foam but the cover is not the original. The seat fittings will require replacement / renovation.  See photos as they are part of the description.

Current Price: £10.00

This Yamaha Dt175 1g1 Seat – For Spares / Repair is located in Malton, YO17*** and is being sold on eBay by carmadken.