Yamaha R6 5eb 2000 Spares Or Repairs

Yamaha r6 2000 5eb model
I bought this a while back, for a donor bile/project. It’s now been sitting in my garage for a bit doing not much, as I haven’t had the time for it, and my better half is encouraging me to sell it.
It is all there minus, mirrors, battery, and I think a link pipe for the exhaust. It has good recent rubber front and rear, new pads In the rear.
I have recently put the logbook in my name, as the previous owner neglected to send it off, and i had the green slip. It is currently sorn.
I have had it running, but it doesn’t run that well, so it is being sold as spares or repairs.
Every panel has a scratch or scuff on it, but have all the lugs on and there might be me a few screws missing on some fixings, but it’s all still solid
Thank you

The end can I have is wrong, so there is no end can

Current Price: £700.00

This Yamaha R6 5eb 2000 Spares Or Repairs is located in Shefford, sg17 5LG and is being sold on eBay by gixer_soldier.