Yamaha R6 Streetfighter 5eb Spares Or Repairs

Yamaha r6 streetfighter 5eb spares or repairs. I brought this bike last year as a write off it’s been completely rebuilt with a new frame and so many parts such as


Exhaust (yoshi end can )

Rear wheel

Rear brake hanger

Brake pads front and rear

Braided brake lines

Renthal bars


Front light

5sl rear end

Led rear light with integrated indicators

K&N air filter

Painted In a metallic blue not the best to be honest

Everything was checked over as it was rebuilt I.e bearings and brake callipers were serviced

Now the bad bit. I was getting the bike ready for mot and took it on a short test ride we found the tps to be playing up and it became tappety I’ve done a compression test and it’s low on all four it also has a slight oil leak from where we did a weld repair on the crankcase. Bike still runs. I’ve spent as much money as I wanted to spend on the bike so it rather just get my money back now. If it doesn’t sell I will break

Thanks for looking

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