Yamaha Townmate T80 For Spares Or Repairs Not A V80 T50 Or Fs1e / Fizzy

Due to space issues I am looking to sell my Yamaha T801986, mostly original and I am the second owner on the logbook.  MoT until December 2021Potted History:Purchased new in Kent (has original number plate) and within the first 3 years covered around 5500 miles.  The bike was laid up at some point before its first MOT was due.Came back to light around 3 years ago and a local purchaser set about a restoration of sorts.Unfortunately he removed most of what would have been a good patina but made it look superficially very good for its age. Most parts are original but exhaust and seat cover appear to be pattern items.  The wheel rims were in poor condition and he just painted them silver.  The frame is very good but has been powder-coated.I know the rear brake shoes were replaced and think the fronts were also done. He also did an engine service.This owner didn’t really have a use for it and with a few electrical gremlins never registered, MoTd or used the bike.I purchased the Bike around 15-18 months ago sorted the gremlins and have since MoT’d it twice and used it for fun and all weather commuting over that time, covering around 500 miles (less than 6k total)I have fitted LED bulbs to just about everything except the main headlight bulb to reduce the strain on the 6 volt electrics.It has a correct resistance relay on the indicators which work perfectly.  Recent battery.I replaced the rear wheel rim and spokes with genuine Yamaha items (they now use DiD rims, not Araya) and had the wheel built by an expert wheel-builder at my local Yamaha dealer.I also stripped the rear shaft drive bevel gearbox and re-packed with the correct specification grease.  If any new purchaser reminds me they can have the remaining grease, which will do the job several times over again.I have attempted to remove some of the hideous silver paint the previous owner splashed all over the bike to try to regain some of the Patina and this is partly why I have used it in all weathers but it could do with more effort in this area.For me it has started virtually first kick every time, rain, snow, hot summer.It has been incredible fun bouncing around on the soft suspension (I am 16 Stone) at circa 40mph and still doing 147mpg.Faults:  fuel gauge does not work, I saw no point in having it.Choke lever and mechanism operates but it makes no difference to the engine starting or running.When riding there is often a cyclic squeek from the rear wheel or transmission but during my use it has not worsened and I have not worked out what it is.  The wheel bearings are perfect.I would happily jump on this bike and ride across London to an important appointment with confidence but sadly that will not be possible from next year for 5 years due to short-sighted ULEZ restrictions. Why am I selling as Spares or repairs ??  It is a 35 year old putt putt bike that wasn’t anything great in it’s day, let alone now.  I want any new owner to understand that once purchased it is theirs to maintain and fix whatever happens.That said, it is heaps of fun if you are trying to re-live years gone by. Bike is located in Surrey/South London.  Local delivery may well be possible but there would be a cost and it would need to be pre-arranged and paid for.Do not use PayPal without contacting meBank Transfer on collection is welcomed and preferred.Photos to follow.

Current Price: £780.00

This Yamaha Townmate T80 For Spares Or Repairs Not A V80 T50 Or Fs1e / Fizzy is located in Carshalton Beeches, SM5 *** and is being sold on eBay by sportyking.